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You play the central role in your growth and development. While mentors, books, experiences, and external guides play extremely influential roles - you are your ultimate teacher.

Really think about the information that is presented to you. Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and goals and they become your internal compass continually provide feedback, information, and lessons (when you pay attention).

Regularly assess yourself honestly and with curiosity, to understand both strengths and areas in need of strengthening. Identify patterns, biases, and limiting ideas that might be interrupting your growth. This ongoing assessment informs you to adjust your strategies, set new targets, and stay focused on what matters to you.

Develop a mindset that values learning, experimentation, and innovation. Celebrate and enjoy the process of improving yourself. These celebrations of small victories and milestones will encourage you to keep going.

When you understand that YOU are the primary force of change of YOU, your potential will be unlocked.


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