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The goal is to provide inspiration and clarity - which leads to less stress, conflict and improved health through enhanced thought behavior.

When you articulate a concept it becomes a tool

THOUGHTWARE can be viewed as a contemporary form of proven practice where individuals train their minds and direct their focus by using mantras. The term "mantra" originates from two Sanskrit words: 'manas' (mind) and 'tra' (tool). Historically, by employing a mantra, individuals have been using a tool to shape and direct their thoughts.


Just as a line of code dictates the function of a software program, the exposure to and implementation of Becoming Conscious two-to-nine-word phrases can improve and refine thoughts and actions. These phrases are written in efficient and memorable ways using 'philosophical markup phrasing’ and serve as tools to establish new patterns and retrain thought behavior to pursue potential.






Designed as simple 2D illustrations that are clear and straightforward, making complex concepts more accessible. The minimalist design focuses the viewer’s attention on the essential elements, reducing cognitive load and improving learning. These visuals include diagrams and other symbolic forms to communicate abstract ideas. By tapping into the visual cortex, visual exercises facilitate a deeper understanding and retention of information.

Becoming Conscious is being developed by Will von Bolton .  

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